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August 30, 2017
Google Algorithm Change History
August 30, 2017
seo and quality content from Mash World Consaltancy Services in Jordan

Keyword selection is an important part of ranking websites. Once you build a list, you have to decide how many keywords you will use per page. Here’s a few tips to help you find a good balance between SEO and quality content.

  • Build your webpages for users: Naturally include your keywords within content to guide users to your call to actions. Never force keywords where they don’t appear naturally
  • Focus Your Title on Your Main Keyword: Place your Main Keyword in Your Title to Improve Relevancy and Attract Clicks from the social media
  • Aim for 3 to 4 core keywords: We recommends you aim for 3 to 4 main keywords in your content. If you can find more relevant keywords, then consider upping this number around 8 to 12 keywords.
  • Use Modifiers: Add specific modifiers like “Review”, “Month, Year”, “Coupon”, and Brand Names to rank for long tail keyword variations.
  • Sprinkle a few LSI Keywords:What are LSI keywords? (known as semantic keywords) are the related keywords to the main keyword. Many of the search engines like Google use it to decide the link between different entities of the web content. It helps Google get the meaning of the written content. It also deals with search relevancy.