Security Testing Services

Protect your software against potential threats with customizable security testing solutions.

At Mash World, we have the proper technical understanding, tools, and skills to secure your app information, using advanced vulnerability scans, system configuration, network security, and more.

We help you operate your app with ZERO risks!

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Covering All Your Digital Security Needs


Black box Penetration Testing

Mash World team will help you resolve any software vulnerabilities to avoid falling victim to hackers.

Source Code Review

We provide extensive code review solutions, using high-end automation tools to verify security control implementations.

OWASP Top 10

We are constantly updated with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) report to implement more secure coding to your digital products.

Suggested Remediation Plan

Prioritizing and fixing security flaws according to an extensive plan that provides developers with timeframe and suggestions to avoid security attacks.

Secure Your Digital Product

  • Get customized security solutions from our competent security team
  • Protect your customers’ data from theft
  • Secure your company’s image
  • Reduce expenses spent on security breaches

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