Why Responsive Design Matters
September 5, 2017
2018 Infographic: Why Do People Leave My Website?
December 11, 2018

Two business owners walk into a restaurant..


Both order two plates of Mansaf to celebrate the launch of their new companies.

Five years later, they walk into the restaurant and order the same tasty dish. One turns to the other and says, “I hired my 25th employee!” The other responds with: “I had to shut down my business.”

It’s not a joke. The main difference here is their business strategy; the paths they took.

  1. Both started their own businesses
  2. One built a website and the other did not
  3. One relied on online presence + building a network, the other relied on local connections

Safe to say; not having a website costs you time and money.

Websites generate leads, promote goodwill among audiences, and deliver strong marketing messages.

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A presentable, ranking website is essential to successful marketing in Jordan because it mitigates Jordanians’ fears of online fraud, and expands the business scope to the global level.


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Are all websites the same? Do they all drive the same results?

Spoiler: Of course not! Some websites drive up to 700% more leads than others.

We’ll tell you more in our next blog post, stay tuned!


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