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To get your brand strategy correctly, it needs to be analyzed, researched and experimented with until perfection. Branding Is not only a design , it’s a whole experience.

At Mash World , we provide a research based branding strategy and building from its initial blocks.

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IRCKHF – (Information and Research Centre King Hussain Foundation)

Branding Strategy and Branding Guideline

IRCKHF is one of the best research centers in the Middle East for social studies, advocacy for socio-economic causes and dissemination of information. They often appear in regional and global venues and on different platforms and publications. IRCKHF wanted an analysis of its brand marketing strategy position and also a guideline that defines proper uses of its brand.

Why Strategize Your Brand?

  • Develop

    Normally branding lacks a few important details that can change how your employees and customers look at your company. Branding is not logo design! A strong additions of a brand position statement or a well-written tagline can change the perception of your business.
  • Protect

    After all the good work that has been done on creating your brand, it needs to be protected from misuse. We help clients understand the do’s and don’ts of appropriate brand use.
  • Analyze Effectiveness

    If you are unsure about how your brand is perceived, we can help analyze your brand experience to show areas of strengths and weaknesses. It most importantly shows how your brand is viewed by your audience.

Branding Strategy Process

  • Presentation

    We present all of our findings in a report, branding strategy document and a new brand strategy guideline.
  • Analysis

    We analyze the information provided to us and start to come up with standout design elements, word maps or main core ideas. From there we can start to make findings and connect the dots.
  • Research

    We research the industry, company, employees, and clients get a 360-degree view of the business. We do so through Q&A sessions and trying to build the right blocks for your brand strategy

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