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August 30, 2017
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10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Businesses
September 5, 2017
The effect of online advertising on your website - Mash world Digital Marketing services.

#1: Cost efficiency

Your online ads will be viewed by millions of people, 24 hours a day. You can’t say that about print
advertising or direct mail.Plus, when you have your own website, consider cooperative advertising efforts such as banner swaps. You can’t get much more cost-effective than free!


The beauty of the web is that hosts like Google can deliver your ads directly to people who are interested in your products, delivering far
more bang for your buck than other types of advertising.


#2: Segmenting

The Internet is the easiest place to advertise directly to your market. If you publish knitting magazines, you can get 100% relevancy by advertising on knitting sites and yarn shops.

If you’re a regional magazine, you can limit your advertising to specific geographic areas. There’s no waste and lots of direct contact with exactly the people who will appreciate your content.


#3: Interactivity

Now that you can include videos, surveys and other interactive activities in your ads, you have many more opportunities to engage with your audience. Let your potential customers have fun, share your clever ads and become ever more loyal to you, using all the technology that’s available today.

Do you have any other benefits of online advertising we should be talking about? What’s your experience with it? Let us know!


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