Catchyz Website Launch:

Catchyz is a premium online clothing store that sells top brands for more competitive pricing. Some of Brands Outlet partnership include Mango, Adidas, Nike, Timberland, Mangotti, Sir Rayomand Tailors, Tommy Hilfiger and more.


>Catchyz was coming into a crowded marketplace where other competitors have a strong and protected marketshare. The concept of an online outlet store is still foreign to many.

> Catchyz needed a strong launch to gauge a proof of concept. They also needed ongoing growth in monthly sales.

>As with every launch processes are not in place yet, which needed a digital marketing partner to deal with new updates immediately and timely.


> Social Media Management – we introduced the concept of outlet store with ‘Its an Outlet’ campaign.

> Online Ads Campaign – We fully tested all social media channels and what is the best way to segment audience and their interests. We then began to advertise again the following month.

> We allocated a dedicated a community manager who was available on demand with the ability to research and prepare posts as requests came in.

Brand Awareness campaign that reached 3 million users